Apple’s HealthKit And Its Implications to Healthcare Sector

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Apple HealthKit has been rolled out at the recent Apple annual World Wide Developer's Conference that sets off an interesting race in the healthcare industry.

This is a developer's toolbox allowing makers of health and medical devices such as Fitbit, UP, Misfit and iHealth to integrate their offerings with Apple's new mobile operating system iOS8.

Huge Implications

Industry observers cited the Apple initiative has many implications. Apple unlocks its systems to make it easier for a broad range of third-party coders and device developers to engage with iPhones, iPads and Mac computer. In the coming months, this will augur well for Apple by way of health-related data transfer through its digital ecosystem. It also implies Apple launching itself into the healthcare business.

Matching Upto Samsung

With Samsung, Apple's competitor, already into healthcare segments such as devices, platforms, medical diagnostics, imaging and patient records, there are exciting things ahead. For sure, Apple will bank on its branding power and Samsung will flex its muscles and aggression to play them out in the market.

Galaxy S3

Samsung already made its entry into healthcare sector in 2012 with Galaxy S3. It integrated Note and Galaxy smartphones with tracking device named Gear Fit. With the integration becoming the name of the game in healthcare, the winner will be the one who has high stakes in the control of data with regard to patient and healthcare provider.

Data is Critical

Apple announced its health app and health kit in partnership with Mayo Clinic. Beyond the branding power of a renowned healthcare center as Mayo Clinic, it is also symbolic of the things to come. In the long run, Apple's collaboration with Epic Systems, a hospital information systems provider, will be a key.

While Apple lays stress on the hospitals, Samsung has other routes to the healthcare sector. It has Samsung Architecture for Multimodal Interactions, which is a cloud-based open software platform for bringing together diverse data from a slew of sources for analysis. 

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