Apple WWDC 2014 Roundup: iPhone 6, iOs 8, Dr. Dre Beats and More

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It has been a busy month for Apple. The company has released the iPhone 5c 8GB variant across the globe strengthening marketing penetration across different economies. There have also been talks about expectations on Apple Store's trade-ins including iMessage bugs and the release of Microsoft Surface Pro 3 against the iPad. With the industry continuing to look forward to Apple's next move, expectations remain high for the 2014 WWDC event of the company. Can Apple deliver a keynote to satisfy the rest of the market? 

Apple's next big event is nearly a week away. The two-hour keynote speech has been a topic of discussion for days keeping analysts a buzz about what Apple plans to deliver. Likewise, the number of "to-be-announced" items has also been a point of interest. According to Forbes, many industry observers and analysts think that the Apple will be announcing "something big" during the event. 

Apple established before that its main focus will be on the OS X 10.10 and the iOS 8. Changes in these two products should already be expected. The changes to be introduced with the iOS 8 should also lay the foundation for hardware cycles like the upcoming iPhone 6 and iPads to be released September and October respectively. Forbes predicts that people may see minor updates to the iPhone or iPad during the event but Apple has yet to confirm this on the day itself. The minor update may brush up on iMessage bugs acknowledged by Apple. 

Regardless of what Apple plans to do, Forbes pointed out the increasing support for third-party developers to be a major point. 

Liberty Voice also reported that Apple may shed more light about the addition of Beats Audio and Dr. Dre to the company. Many analysts think Apple wants to upgrade its earbuds for iPods and iPhones for better audio experience. Beats Audio has been a duly recognized entity for enhanced audio experience throughout the years. 

For a schedule of 2014 WWDC, refer to this page from Apple. 

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