Apple WWDC 2014 Release Roundup: iOS 8, Bitcoin, Swift Language and iCloud Drive

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Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference commenced last June 2 introducing a new set of products and services that can change overall Apple user experience. The biggest announcement so far has been the changes that will come along the iOS 8. Likewise, the company has also announced new services like allowing virtual currency payments through Bitcoin, challenging Google Drive and DropBox with iCloud Drive and introducing the new Swift language to developers. Did Apple deliver what was expected? 

iOS 8 vs Android 

Apple claimed the iOS 8 is the biggest launch of its kind for the company. However, the tech industry has mixed reactions over it. According to TIME, some of the "biggest" additions Apple considers part of iOS 8 have been available through Google's Android throughout the years. Some of the features iOS 8 will now offer include interactive notifications, word predictions for the keyboard software, iCloud Drive and a new Notification Center. App Store will also now allow video previews. The main contention among these features is that interactive notifications have been offered under Android through actionable notifications two years back. Word predictions are also available through Google Keyboard. Google Drive has been integrated with Chromebooks and Android 4.4 KitKat similar to what Apple now wants with iCloud Drive. 


During the event, Apple also announced that it may allow app and software developers to integrate virtual-currency transactions in the programs. This may include Bitcoin transactions through iPhones and iPads. According to the App Store review guidelines update: "Apps may facilitate transmission of approved virtual currencies provided that they do so in compliance with all state and federal laws for the territories in which the app functions."

Swift Language 

Apple's latest language for Mac and iOS programming brings people back to AppleScript. Swift marks a big strategic approach for Apple to lock in programmers. According to PC Magazine, it is Apple's way of convincing third parties that the iOS can be an easy and enjoyable platform to program. The code cannot be translated conveniently to other platforms like Windows or Android. Rather, it will create an exclusive ecosystem. 

iCloud Drive 

Apple has been direct on what it wants to achieve with the iCloud Drive. The platform will compete directly with the likes of DropBox and Google Drive. Accessing files will be easier across platforms as Apple includes the Finder folder and browser. Users have to download the app before they can use the iCloud Drive storage. Initially, Apple will be offering the 20GB storage for subscription fee of $0.99 monthly. The 200GB storage will cost $3.99 monthly. There are no details yet about the 1TB storage yet.

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