Apple vs Samsung Lawsuit: The Five iOS Features Apple Is Claiming That Samsung (or Google) Stole

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Here's another Apple vs Samsung lawsuit. Apple is filing a patent lawsuit against Samsung that involves $2 billion damages fees and Google. Why? It is because the claims of the Cupertino firm are about the mobile operating system. Almost all Samsung devices use the Android mobile OS; and Android is owned by Google.

Here are Apple's infringement claims in non-legaleze terms, thanks to Ben Lovejoy of 9to5mac.

1.      Patent 5,946,647

"System and method for performing action on a structure in computer generated data"

This feature is when iOS recognizes some key phrases in texts, emails and turns them into link automatically. For example, you get a text message regarding your child's upcoming school event that you need to attend, including date and time. The OS will highlight the time and if you tap that, it will prompt you if you want to create an event in the Calendar app. You can then check if you are free or add it to your schedule.

2.      Patent 6,847,959

 "Universal interface for retrieval of information in a computer system, a patent that Apple claims is central to universal search"

Universal search is when you type in the search bar, the OS searches both your device and offers to search the Web as well. It will display search results but you are just a tap away from searching the Web if you still need to.

3.      Patent 7,761,414

"Synchronous data synchronization among devices"

Systems, methods and media for sync tasks and non-sync task being simultaneously executed at the same time. For example, an app is interacting with the user while doing sync jobs in the background. You can then add notes to the Notes app while updating iCloud so that the note is directly available on other devices.

Synchronization between devices was already in before iCloud but what Apple is protecting here is the approach that makes it fast. The good thing about Cupertino devices is turning a piece of tech into something that works even with non-techy users.

4.      Patent 8,046,721

 "Unlocking a device by performing gestures on an unlock image"

In the past, when there was no lock set, smartphones would just switch on and directly go to home screen. That worked fine if you wanted to use them, but not if it ons itself in your bag or pocket and do things. The Slide to unlock feature solves this while adding no delay or inconvenience at all.

5.      Patent 8,074,172

"Method, system and graphical user interface for providing word recommendations"

This one is about auto-correct. Apple did not invent the concept, but predictive text has already been around since even when the iPhones were still not been born. How iOS autocorrects, is when  you type, corrections appear in line and where you are typing. To accept the auto correction offer, hit space and carry on.

Android when auto-correcting, put the suggested words above the word typed, not in line. It uses hit space to accept approach too.

This year's Apple vs Samsung trial started on Tuesday, April 1 when Samsung claimed that three out of these five patents ('959', '414' and '172' or #s 2, 3 and 5 above) are not "used" or "practiced" by Apple, which Apple admitted. What Samsung did not tell the jury though is that each of the patents contains not just one, but many claims. Patent '959' has 49 claims, '414' has 32 while '172' has 38 claims.

Apple sought Judge Lucy Koh's permission to correct the record, and according to several reports, the request was denied.

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