Apple to Update MacBook Air With New Haswell Processors

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Apple is set to update MacBook Air with the new Haswell processors. But even with the long wait for a MacBook Air refresh, this one is not yet substantial. Apple will swap out the last-generation Intel-made Haswell processors for the current generation ones.

According to 9to5Mac, MacBook Air devices will be shipped in large quantities to Apple Stores all over the country. Some sources said Apple stores are scheduled to make rearrangements for the Macs to focus on the MacBook Air. This update consists relatively minor bumps of specs and processors that are a bit faster and might even include reorganizing of storage.

Intel's Haswell processors succeeded the microprocessor architecture of Ivy Bridge which was what Apple used before. Apple looked closely at Haswell chips because it has power efficiency designed specifically for Ultrabook-style computers and laptops.

Also, the integrated graphics in them provide double graphics performance. There has been a strong interest for the Haswell chips, including Ultrabooks, and Apple will not allow its Macs to be outdated, especially the popular ones like MacBook Pro and MacBook Air.

MacBook Pro devices having Retina display push more pixels, and you can feel the strain of high resolution on devices packed with Intel HD4000. For Haswell, graphics are not the only enhanced aspect found. CPU performance relies on chips used to improve dramatically.

There have been rumors circulating that MacBook Air will be updated with a thinner profile, fanless and with Retina display. This is not that update. This is focused on Haswell processors for the MacBook Air 11-inch and 13-inch devices, codenamed J41A and J43A. SKUs vary to that of the current MacBook Air SKU label. For instance, MacBook Air 13-inch has a known SKU of "MD760LL/A," then this refreshed version will be "MD760LL/B". 

Intel's most recent Haswell chips offer minor increase in speed. Apple may likely tweak the storage options of the MacBook Air device to fit with the update.

Those who are rushing to buy a MacBook Air with the current Haswell processors can join the line at Apple Stores. Some may be more interested in an overhaul that will bring along a high-density Retina display  like MacBook Pro.

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