Apple Unwraps Safari Browser Enhancements at WWDC 2014, Six Things You Need to Know

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Apple Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook and Senior Vice President of Software Engineering Craig Federighi revealed Safari browser enhancements among other things during the keynote address of the 25th Worldwide Development Conference (WWDC) held at Moscone West Convention Center, San Francisco, California.

Here are six things mentioned during the keynote address about Safari that you need to know:

Smart Search Field

According to Apple SVP Federighi, Safari's smart search field contains all of the user's favorite Web sites. Apart from providing more space for contents with just one single bar, the smart search field also contains smart suggestions and spotlight suggestions on the completion menu which allows users to make searches at a faster rate than before.

More Powerful for Sharing

Apple mentioned that Safari now comes with a small tab which when clicked would show "@subscribe in shared links." This feature allows users who subscribe to RSS feed on the site to see all RSS feed articles under shared links. The browser also keeps a list of people who are most recently sent with message and allows users to share the Web page with just one click thereby allowing quicker sharing of articles.

Tabs View

The company also mentioned the presence of a Tabs view which gives the users with a bird's eye glance of all the tabs in the Safari browser. Each Web site will come with an individual tab stacked together so users of the Safari browser will be able to easily locate the specific Web page.

Private Browsing

Apple mentioned that it is the first company to introduce private browsing wherein a user can create a new private window. All the contents within the window and all its tabs remain private without affecting all the other windows using the Safari browser.

Adherence to Standards

SVP Federighi also mentioned that Safari comes with WebGL, SPDY, IndexedDB, JavaScript promises, CSS shapes and compositing, and HTML 5 premium video. With these features included in the browser, users will be able to efficiently stream online videos without the plug-in.

Energy Efficient

According to Apple, users of the Safari browser get additional two hours of battery life compared with the other browsers even when playing 1080 pixels high quality video. Compared with Google Chrome and Firefox, Safari has 9.7 times more multi-tab browsing efficiency and twice more Document Object Model (DOM) performance. When it comes to JavaScript, Apple mentioned that Safari now has a four-tier JavaScript compiler and has 6.5 times better performance on a typical JavaScript compared with other browsers.

To watch the presentation and demo on Safari at the WWDC 2014 keynote address, visit the company Web site by clicking here

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