Apple Taps iPhone the 'Only Phone' You Need

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  • A man looks at his Apple iPad in front an Apple logo outside an Apple store in downtown Shanghai
    A man looks at his Apple iPad in front an Apple logo outside an Apple store in downtown Shanghai March 16, 2012. REUTERS/Aly Song
  • Apple’s iPhone 6
    Another rumored iPhone 6 mockup design. Twitter/@AppleProducts_
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A report on techradar suggested Apple wants iPhone to control everything - be the center of home and family life. The WWDC conference introduced different new services that Apple offers in its devices. When all of these are put together, it seems iPhone is made for everyone to control one's daily life.

Considering the HomeKit of the iOS system, each member of the house is clinched to this system by using the touchID sensor and the Family Share account, which is the common iOS family account. If the house is locked with digital locks or garage doors or thermostat, the users can easily enter the house by using the iOS features.

With this, Apple manages to bring the whole family locked into the Apple ecosystem. Creating such a house is expensive and the company does not have the market share it needs to achieve this kind of dominance easily.

But Apple is smart enough to play on this deal by sharing the not-so useful nature of its competitors. Tim Cook highlighted users have upgraded to the new version of iOS or OS X with 40 million upgrades to Mavericks and 90 percent of iOS users on the new version of the platform.

While in comparison, Microsoft has only 14 percent of users on Windows 8 and Android has 9 percent on KitKat. Android has the potential to move ahead with Google as "powered by Android" on start up screens for new devices and "Android Silver" if passes, then will release the high-end range phones which will be in line with Apple iPhones.

But Apple has announced few extra features that will help users as well as developers who had got influenced by the Android system and devices.

Apple will be introducing "Swift," Apple's own programming language, to make it easier and quicker to create high quality apps. Also, Apple points at Metal, the new layer between games and iPhone/iPad hardware capable of near console quality gaming on these portable devices. It also gives an excitement to the developers to play with new tools by providing a massive whoop.

The report also suggests that Apple might be providing an expensive Home for the future wherein users need to put in a lot of investment but for a developer, the iOS system is open widely with cameras, touchID, gaming, health and keyboards.

Apple has managed to get all the Android features which were popular, therefore the platform can be used in launching iPhone 6. 

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