Apple in Talks With Comcast on TV Streaming Service

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Apple is not taking things slow after the huge public interest over the upcoming iPhone 6. The Cupertino-based company is making another leap in the television industry with reports of its discussion with Comcast about the possibility of partnership for a TV streaming service.

The compnay plans to use its existing set-top box that will prevent Internet congestion. Sources suggested Apple will get a "special treatment" from Comcast, ensuring customers may be able to watch smoothly despite other connections having trouble with bandwidth issues.

This project may take a while to accomplish, but if the partnership will be made to happen, this may signal a new era on how people view the television. Subscribers will be allowed to stream on live TV, watch in-demand content by Comcast and watch recorded shows stored in the cloud, according to TechSpot report.

Apple and Comcast did not finalize any decision yet considering the cable company may require an infrastructure upgrade to accommodate Apple's demands, as noted in the Wall Street Journal report. Apple has been known for being a leader when it comes to ensuring quality of their products and services so there might be a need for Comcast to also take their services to a higher level to fill in consumer's expectations.

The deal will be beneficial for both companies because they will be starting a new revolution. The competition is within the very industry, especially that the consumers will have to adopt into the new technology.

Apple has always been interested in the television market, igniting rumors of a high-definition television since 2009. Before his death, Steve Jobs' Biographer Walter Isaacson shared the legendary innovator in their conversations told him (Isaacson) that he (Jobs) had so much to do with television sets, and that he want to make television simpler and elegant.

The TV streaming project can be the fulfilment of Jobs' plans for change the way people watch television. But with the current status of the talks, it may take a long time for the plans to go into fruition.

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