Apple Sells 8GB Cheaper iPhone 5C in Europe, China & Australia for $660-$779

By @ibtimesau on

Is Apple finally admitting that its high prices is the reason why it is losing both the smartphone and tablet war to Android devices, primarily those made by rival Samsung?

As more reports of Android-run gadgets selling at a faster pace than those pricey gadgets manufactured by the Cupertino-based giant come one after the other, tech Web sites reported on Tuesday that a lower-capacity version of the iPhone 5C would sell in Europe, China and Australia at lower prices, ranging from $660 to $779.

According to CNET, the 8GB model would sell in the UK for $712 (£429), in Germany and France for $779 (€559), in Australia for $616 (A$679) and in China for $660 (4,088 yuan).

With 8GB of storage, it would be half the amount of storage found in the cheapest iPhone in UK with a price tag of £469. The 4C is also still available in the UK for £349.

At the same time, Apple also relaunched the iPad with Retina Display which the iPad Air made obsolete in 2013. The 4th-gen iPad with 16GB storage sells for $399, the same price as the iPad mini.

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