Apple Scheduled a One-Day Shopping Event in Australia on November 23

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Apple began teasing the consumers with its annual Black Friday sale on its website in Australia. Making use of some Apple US aspects, Australia's One Day Sale will present discounted prices on November 23 with particular promotions on special Apple products via its website as well as retail stores around the country.

Consumers can buy goods from selected Apple retailers, Apple online or through the iPhone Apple Store app for only 24 hours (2:01am AEDT, November 23 to 1:59am AEDT, November 24). On the terms and conditions section of the Apple website, it indicates that special pricing is limited due to stock availability and cannot be combined with the other offers.

The technology giant has expanded its retail circle on the gadgets with diverse locations for the Black Friday sales. Apple's USA Black Friday sales plan surpassed the international boundaries as Apple devices and accessories has been put up on sale for the Black Friday in Australia and United Kingdom.

According to the detail indicated on Apple's website, the product prices will also be available on November 23. The opening page of the much anticipated Black Friday sales message read:  "The one-day Apple shopping event is Friday 23 November. Get ready to give. Shop online or at your favourite Apple Retail Store. We'll help you make the most of the day, no matter how you shop."

In 2001, CNET reports Apple offered a price discount of approximately $40 to $60 on iPads and $100 on computers. Apple previously provided Black Friday sales with minimal price discounts on its products. Now, customers might be looking for third-party retailers who offer lower prices on Apple hardware compared to its manufacturer on the one-day sale.

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