Apple-Samsung Patent War Update: Apple's Request Denied, Samsung Products Not Banned, But Will Still Pay Over $900M Damages

By @judithaparri on

Apple lost the recent round in its patent war against Samsung.

The long-running feud between the two electronics giants had Apple recently renewing its request to ban 23 devices of its archrival which it found to have violated patents. However, Judge Lucy Koh early Thursday ruled that Apple has not established a permanent injunction entitlement.

Nonetheless, it is not all good for Samsung. Koh upheld the $290 million additional damages for Apple last November. Samsung argued that it has only $52 million payable to Apple for the damages aside from the $640 million Koh upheld from the original amount of $1.05 billion judgement two years back. Adding $290 and $640 million will total $930 million from Samsung to Apple, which is near the original $1.05 billion; that even on an assumption that the current damage amount does not change.

The smartphone giant makers have been fighting on the court regarding patent issues for almost three years. Samsung allegedly copied Apple - like the use of fingers to pinch or zoom screen; plus some design elements such as the flat black glass screen. Apple's claim is for Samsung's old products having these issues be banned from selling in the U.S.

Though Samsung is not selling older models of smartphones anymore, Apple still insists it's important so the rival will prevent copying them in the future. The Korean company said that Apple just targets its new products so they would become uncertain among carriers and retailers.

According to Florian Mueller of Foss Patents, the decision regarding the damages amount can be appealed by Apple; but Samsung can likewise appeal the underlying liability concerns. He added that after the judge denied Apple's ban request, she said both firms can appeal any part of the verdict.

While contemplating if they would appeal or not, the two companies will see each other again in the courtroom within this month to argue over another batch of alleged infringing devices. Tim Cook and Shin Jong-Kyun, Apple CEO and Samsung mobile chief respectively, met last month, trying to hammer differences. However, the two could not find a peaceful agreement and are heading for another round of courtroom hearing in their seemingly never-ending feud.

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