Apple Rumoured to Partner with Nike

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The leaf on the Apple symbol is tinted green at the Apple flagship store on 5th Ave in New York REUTERS

It has been speculated that Apple is going to have a partnership with Nike.

According to CNN, Apple's Tim Cook is seen flaunting a Nike FuelBand at several events. This is just a hint that the companies may join hands to promote the rumoured Apple watch to be released soon. Nike apparently announced on Friday, April 18, that it would no longer continue the update of its wearable gadgets. The company earlier had plans to launch a thinner FuelBand which was expected to be released in the fall. However, Nike has reportedly shelved all those plans for now. Nor does the company reveal if there is going to be a new FuelBand product in future.

Nike earlier said that a "small number" of employees had been laid off. It also said that the company would continue to be committed to the Fuel line of products. Nevertheless, the retreat still appears to be a little odd for a company like Nike which has earned a significant name in the sports equipment industry. That is why it is being speculated that there could be a deal between Nike and Apple.

Cantor Fitzgerald & Co. Analyst Brian White, who closely follows Apple, said that Apple had enjoyed a "healthy relationship" with Nike over the years. According to Mr White, Nike "will largely fold into the smartwatch in the future." He said that most of the players would exit the market. White also said that it would make more sense for Nike to "partner with Apple."

Nike spokesperson KeJuan Williams said that the company would be committed to "driving innovations that bring richer experiences for all athletes." He said that Nike would "continue to leverage partnerships" for expanding the ecosystem of "digital products and services, using NikeFuel as the universal currency for measuring, motivating and improving."

The written statement on behalf of the company that mentions leveraging "partnership" leaves the doors of speculations open. Only time can reveal if the rumours are true or not.

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