Apple Rumors: iPhone 6 May Feature Solar Charging Around Sapphire Glass, New Apple TV And More

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iPhone 6 may not be launched for months from now. But Apple's next generation iPhone has already been generating several rumors.

According to a Seeking Alpha analyst, Apple is working on a technology that may lead to the 2014 iPhone covered in sapphire glass with small solar panels embedded in its cover. The tiny solar panels will help recharge the iPhone battery when exposed to a strong source of light.

The Cupertino-based company will also feature the technology in the new iPod Touch versions but amid persistent rumors that Apple will no longer launch the next gen iPod line whose sales have been continuously dropping through the years.

The analyst said Apple now holds a variety of patents for solar charging mobile device technology and has already signed an agreement with GT Advanced Technologies to develop its sapphire display covers late in 2013. The latest reports indicated Apple will release two iPhone versions with one having a screen bigger than 4.5-inches while the other one above 5-inches.

Meanwhile, Apple's top media streaming product, Apple TV already has its own page on Apple's online store. It was previously listed along with the company's iPod line. But now it has its own page titled, "Shop Apple TV" in the Web site's latest update.

The new page provides speculations that Apple is now preparing for a major hardware update for Apple TV. The recent rumors suggested Apple could also add gaming apps to Apple TV. There has been some buzz about Apple TV despite some speculations saying an Apple branded TV may be offered to the market soon.

Apple has considerable grown since Q1 of fiscal 2001 before it released the iPod and became more than a computer manufacturer. In the Q1 of fiscal 2001 ending Dec. 31, 2000, Apple reportedly lost $195 million on quarterly revenue of $1 billion.

In the Q1 of fiscal 2014, ending Dec. 31, 2013, Apple reportedly earned $13.1 billion on revenue of $57.6 billion. About 14 years ago, Apple shipped 659,000 Mac computers by December 2000. This year, Apple reported sales of 4.8 million Mac computers.

In between the 14 years of quarterly reports, Apple released the iPod, iPhone and iPad. Apple has reportedly sold 26 million iPads and 51 million iPhones in the Q1 of fiscal 2014.

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