Apple Rolls Out New iPod Touch in Australia

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Apple has recently announced the launch of its iPod touch in more countries worldwide, including Australia.

According to Macgasm, being offered is the latest version of iPod touch with Apple. This includes some changes to its existing line such as the addition of a rear-facing camera on all models. All the models come with the six-color options that so far were restricted only to the higher end models.

Apple has brought prices down across the board so that the entry level iPod touch with 16 GB onboard comes for $199. Also, the 16 GB variant has also been made compliant with the wristbands that were limited to the higher end versions. The wristband will still require to be bought extra. Unfortunately, the price cited is only applicable to the U.S. while buyers from other regions will have to pay more.

Among the other countries that iPod touch has been launched include UK, Germany, Hong Kong, Australia, Japan, Brazil and China.

Behind the new found generosity on the part of Apple, Apple Insider cited this could be brought by the company to drive down manufacturing costs. With similar specs such as camera and support for wristband on all the 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB versions, Apple will have more similar components to deal with. With commonality of parts, both manufacturing and repairing become simple and less costly.

Another reason that could have prompted Apple to drive down costs is to increase their appeal even more. iPod touch has fallen sharply in prominence in the wake of a massive shift of consumer preference toward iPhone and iPad.

Apple sold some 2.7 million iPod touch devices in the previous quarter and a price cut could see that figure increase a bit. The demand for iPhone and iPad continues with their upward swing. 

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