Apple Releases iOS Beta 4 For Developers, Includes New Tips Apps

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Apple CEO Tim Cook introduces the IOS 8 operating system during his keynote address at the Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco, California June 2, 2014. REUTERS/Robert Galbraith

Apple has released the fourth beta version of iOS 8 for developers to have a go at. This comes at just two week after Apple has launched the third beta iteration of iOS 8 and has already impressed early testers of the version with its stability and refinements.

However, lest anyone gets hooked on to beta 4 hoping to come around any groundbreaking new features, they are likely to be disappointed, warns MacRumors. Instead, it's all about tweaks and enhancement brought about that makes everything about it being fast and stable.

Among the new features to look forward to with the beta 4 release include the new Tips application. Apple has already hinted at such an addition to be made part of iOS 8 and developers can now give the entire thing a try.

As it's named, the Tips app is designed to act as a guide for users on how best to use their iPad or iPhone devices. This should be especially helpful for those who might never have used an iOS device before and the app will serve as a repertoire of tips and tricks on using the various features of iOS. The app will be updated every week and will serve to educate users on how to send voice messages, using Siri and so on. Users will also have the option to share tips on twitter, Facebook or as a message and email, reports ZDNet.

The beta 4 also introduces a new feature wherein users will have the option to retain a message for a specified amount of time using the "Keep Messages" option. The latest beta version also introduces voice transcription streaming feature to Messages. The feature has earlier been introduced to the Mail app with iOS beta 3 release.

Another change to be notice with the beta 4 release is that the Bugs Reporter app that has been a part of earlier beta releases we have had so far is nonexistent on beta 4, reports gsmarena.

There have also been changes introduced to the Control Center that sport a cleaner interface with the black border around button now gone. There is the new Display & Brightness tab introduced as well in the setting tab.

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