Apple to Release Waterproof iPad Air 2 but Holds Out on iPad Mini 3 and iPad Pro

By @peevesky on

Apple will be releasing a refreshed line of its iPad series this coming second half of the year. According to recent information, the tech giant plans on releasing a waterproof iPad Air 2. The company will have to hold out on its iPad Mini 3 and iPad Pro offerings if it will pursue the waterproof device. Will Apple focus more on the iPad Air 2 instead of the other iPad series? What can people expect? 

According to a report by Highlight Press, the market has been concerned about Apple's next treatment with the iPad Air. The question boils down to how the company can make the tablet stand out from the original model? It appears the answer is in turning it into a waterproof device. The report also noted that there is pressure for Apple to come up with a better successor to the iPad Air. At the 2014 Mobile World Congress, Apple earned a decent list of awards. These include the "Best Mobile Tablet" thus the high expectations for the next release. 

While analysts agree that packing all powerful features into one device will not create a winner automatically, creating a waterproof iPad Air should add more appeal and use. Waterproof devices are nothing new but it is a good leap for Apple. It is also the first device under Apple to feature such. Waterproof features can become bragging rights for the iPad Air 2. 

It may also be the only iPad that people will see this year. According to Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities, the tech giant will be focusing on the iPad Air. 

"Compared with lower-margin iPad mini with Retina display, which shipments has been tepid, higher-margin iPad Air was a hot selling item in 4Q13, which will slow Apple in developing new iPad mini model." 

 "We believe Apple plans to launch upgraded iPad Air early this year, and will accelerate development of 12.9″ iPad." The analyst added. 

BGR also reported that users may have the option to unlock their iPads through their fingerprints. The upcoming fingerprint sensors will be developed and assembled by Apple together with TSMC subsidiaries Xintec and Suzhou Crystal Semiconductor. It is not clear yet what type of process the company will go for to include the Touch ID on the upcoming tablets but it will soon happen. Apple has yet to make an official announcement about the iPad Air 2. 

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