Apple Release Roundup: New iPhone 6 Scratch-Proof, iPad Air 2 New Killer Anti-Reflective Coating and Production

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A worker climbs outside an Apple store in Hong Kong
A worker climbs outside an Apple store in Hong Kong April 10, 2013. REUTERS

Apple's bid to become the top player in the tech industry continues as reports about its upcoming releases increase by the day. The tech giant is set to release a number of devices including refreshed versions of its previous flagships. These include the iPhone 6, iPad Air 2 and iPad Retina. With the threat of more smartphone players and new tablets around can Apple have a successful fall? What can people expect? 

iPhone 6 

Many analysts believe that the iPhone 6 remains the biggest launch of the year - at least for Apple's part. The iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s were considered as upgrades but Apple appears to be changing its approach to smartphones with the iPhone 6. The phone series will reportedly be more premium and innovative than the current flagship. 

The latest iPhone 6 leak comes from Russian designers Feld and Volk (via Daily Mail). According to the leaked images including those from Chinese site Weibo, the iPhone 6 will have a more protruding camera and less visible volume buttons. Feld and Volk's photo also showed a closer look on the camera ring possibly for attaching lenses.  Designers claim that the new Apple logo will be embedded featuring liquidmetal alloy. 

The iPhone 6 will be revealed this September according to reports. Official store release may extend up to October due to previous production problems. 

iPad Air 2 

Apple suppliers appear to be ramping up production in time for the company's September 9 event. The 7.9-inch and 9.7-inch iPad models have reportedly been in production with the larger device expected to come out later this year. 

According to Bloomberg, Apple has started production for its iPad series. Sources related to the tech giant's supply chain hinted that Asian partner suppliers have started mass production. The iPad mini is in its assembly stage. Two primary points of interest about the upcoming iPad selection are the Touch ID fingerprint sensor and the anti-reflective coating. 

Analysts shared positive forecasts for Apple's stocks though actual releases of the devices may still change the course of things. Some analysts claim that Apple may be faced with replacement cycle issues once the phablet version of the iPhone 6 comes out. 

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