Apple Release Roundup: iPhone 6 Mould Spotted, Better Performing MacBooks but Slower iPads?

By @peevesky on

Apple has been subtle with its release of refreshed Macbook Airs. The tech giant included improved battery life and better processor speeds in the refreshed laptop line. According to recent information, Apple decided to go for several software tweaks and newer chip architecture to make the enhancements possible. More surprisingly, the price tag dropped $100 lower. Will this trend continue for other major upcoming releases of the company? 

According to a report by Forbes, Apple's move to reduce the price of the MacBook brought the laptop to compete more with the iPad Air line. Although there were predictions about the MacBook air receiving a transformation at the end of the year including a Retina treatment, Apple's updated price and improved specs created a more appealing laptop. Forbes' report also noted that this should be a good move for the "back to school" surge although Apple may need to work on its iPad offering as growth has been slowing down. 

Sales of iPad devices remained slow but Apple has been banking on the growth of its iPhone line. Apple's revenue showed flatter results in the second quarter. There should be higher spikes or increasing interest over the iPhone 6 as it nears. 

French website revealed new moulding information about the upcoming iPhone 6. According to the report, the render hints that Apple will be releasing an iPhone variant featuring a 4.7-inch display with curved edge. This should signify Apple's new approach to its handset. The design will veer away from the existing form factor. Instead, Apple may backtrack to the previous design framework similar to the current iPod Touch series. This should offer users more comfort. 

Apple has also reportedly been working on wearable devices. Analysts like Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities predict that Apple will be releasing some of its major products around September. The company may stick to its release timeline throughout the years. 

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