Apple Release Roundup: Affordable iMac Coming Soon, Bright Spots and New Retina MacBook Airs

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Apple has gone against the tide for many years sticking to premium products and prices. Whereas the majority of industry participants chose to offer more affordable commodities, Apple has been earning profits despite its premium priced offerings. This has puzzled analysts for many years. Despite the market shifts, Apple appears intent to sell upscale products this 2014 although some of one of its offerings may have to follow trends just slightly. 

According to a report by Apple Insider, the tech giant plans on releasing its usual set of refreshed and premium products with one slight change - a low cost iMac. Likewise, Apple will reportedly release a lighter and thinner 12-inch MacBook Air. The laptop should come out before the year ends. 

Ming-Chi Kuo from KGI Securities has a proven track record of Apple forecasts. According to the analyst, Apple will most probably release a low priced iMac and redesigned MacBook Air. These releases will be the highlight or "bright spots" of Apple's release lineup for 2014. 

Kuo revealed last year about Apple's plan on releasing a new MacBook Air with Retina Display. Last April 9, the analyst emphasized he is convinced that Apple will go with the plan. The upcoming laptop will feature a fan-less design including fewer inputs and outputs. It should also come with a fresh button-less trackpad. 

While Apple will reportedly maintain a minimalist approach to the MacBook Air, the device will still ship with a physical keyboard despite the new tackpad. Kuo also suggested that the 12-inch model will reconcile the 11.6 and 13.3-inch models offering a fresher option for many users. He indicated that the MacBook Air will come with a Retina Display using an advanced panel technology. 

As for Apple's desktops, Kuo said that the tech giant will probably introduce a more affordable edition of the iMac. His forecast also notes that the release of the cheaper iMac should around this quarter. This goes in line with the upcoming Worldwide Developer Conference from June 2 to 6. 

Kuo explained that more affordable iMacs will allow Apple to compete better with other desktop makers offering more affordable products. These include companies like Lenovo and HP.

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