Apple to Release Mac and MacBook Pro Featuring Large Magic Trackpads and ARM Processor

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Apple's hardware cycles have been become anticipated events throughout the years. As the company is set to release a series of refreshed lines like the Macs, new information suggest that Apple wants to explore more chipsets for its computer line. According to reports, iMac, MacBook Pro and even products like the iPad and iPhone may be based on ARM processors. Will Apple make the switch? What does it mean for the upcoming products and Apple users? 

MacBidouille cited a reliable source hinting at Apple's interest in switching processors. According to the French site, Apple has been looking into releasing ARM-powered Macs that will also come with a "large format" Magic Trackpad. The new magic pad will be incorporated in the keyboard. Although Apple has been working on this reported integration for quite some time, the report also noted that the tech giant has been hesitant about making the switch. Apple is concerned over hurting the Mac lineup. 

According to Apple Insider, Apple has created systems operating on an operating system similar to the OS X. Apple has developed a number of prototype machines running on a ARM equivalent of the OS X. More importantly, the machines are supposedly operating through a number of ARM CPUs with each CPU featuring multiple cores. 

Particularly, Apple has reportedly created an iMac desktop featuring four or 64-bit quad-core CPUs. The iMac mini prototype, on other hand, operates on four cores. Additionally, the report also claimed that Apple has created a 13-inch MacBook running on 64-bit quad-core ARM chips. Apple previously made a similar switch. The company chose Intel's processor lineup over IBM's PowerPC chips. The move was beneficial to Apple throughout its course of releases. The computers were faster compared to previous performances. Apple saw Mac sales surge. 

The switch to ARM processors may also prove beneficial for the company. The company will reportedly release refreshed products around September this year.

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