Apple to Release Galaxy Note 3 Phablet: iPhone 6 Release Date and Features

By @peevesky on

Apple's iPhone 6 made headlines when analysts and leak suggested a wide-screen variant. According to recent reports, Apple's iPhone 6 will be around the same size as Samsung's Galaxy Note 3. Is this a move to go against the Korean tech giant and its multiple variant products? Is Apple finally open to the idea of hybrids? 

Previously, Apple did not seem interested in joining the phablet or hybrid race previously. However, these recent reports and expectations suggest that Apple may have been convinced otherwise. According to reports, Apple has been ramping up production for an iPhone as big and in direct competition as the Galaxy Note 3. 

French website Nowhereelse leaked an image from a Chinese website indicating the dimensions of the next iPhone 6. The device measures 150mm long and 85mm wide. The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 measures 151.2mm long and 79.2mm wide. 

The image suggests that the screen size for the iPhone 6 will be at least 5 inches. There have been several reports in the past indicating two screen options for the device. These options include a 4.7-inch display and a 5.5-inch screen. The release date is highly likely around September. 

Japan Display also hinted at what people can expect. Japan Display is a primary Apple supplier. According to the company, they have been working on a 5.5-inch display panel offering 2K resolution and up to 2560 x 1440p resolution. 

The shift to the 2K display will be a major leap for Apple. The current iPhone offering features 1136x640p resolution. If Apple will push through with the said device then the new iPhone will offer a pixel density up to 538ppi. It will higher compared to the Retina display at 326ppi. 

According to a recent report by Seeking Alpha, the Apple iPhablet can be a good addition to the company's line. Since a patent application for a stylus has been spotted previously, it will work well with the bigger sized iPhone. The report also noted that there are users who prefer big screens. If Apple will release an iPhablet then it can tap onto another market - this can potentially increase the market share of the company.

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