Apple Refused Female Masturbation App

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Apple Inc.
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Apple's App Store has been a major driving force for the company. Despite promise and potential of high download rates, Apple recently rejected a female masturbation app called HappyPlayTime. The company refused putting up the app on the Apple iTunes store emphasizing it has no plans on providing people with a guide to their orgasms. 

HappyPlayTime refers to a sex-ed app presently in progress. From creator Tina Gong, the main goal of the app is to assist women in masturbating. The app features fun and light-hearted games teaching women about their anatomy and different stimulation techniques. 

"At the heart of our mission is the desire to see more women be vocal about their sexuality - in particular, about masturbation," Gong posted on the HappyPlayTime blog

"We're often told that this subject is a touchy one, and from experience, we know that sometimes speaking out loud about it can certainly raise some eyebrows." Previously, Gong stated in her application that the program can be offered to users aged 12 and up. 

HuffPost obtained an email from the creator explaining that she was prompted to change the audience rating to 17+ because it extremely graphic. Following resubmission of the application, Apple called Gong and clarified with her that the company is "not interested in the concept." Apple also sent her an email listing detailing why the company refused the app. 

"Honestly I get it, it's something that's controversial, but out of all people I thought [Apple] would sympathize, their slogan for years has been 'think different' and I've admired that mentality so much!" HuffPost quoted Gong. 

The crowd-funded app sought to discuss masturbation openly in hopes of removing the "shame and stigma" often associated with self-stimulation. HuffPost also reported that Apple did not provide any further comments about the matter. Gong clarified that the app was meant to be a move encouraging women sexual liberation. 

"Thinking differently means breaking some boundaries, and occasionally getting people's panties in a bunch," Gong explained.

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