Apple Preps For the 'Biggest Ever' Launch For iPhone 6

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Rumors has begun percolating with suggestions that Apple is preparing for the "biggest ever" launch for iPhone 6. Recent reports suggested the Cupertino tech giant is bracing to make more than 90 million handsets in 2014.

Wei Chen, an analyst at Citigroup, revealed Apple's supplier in China, Foxconn, is about to land a contract to develop 90 million units of iPhone 6s, which are expected to outsell the current model of iPhones. The number of shipments is expected to increase by 23 percent in 2014.

Commentators expected the shipments of iPhone 6 to begin in the fall this year, but the timing of the Foxconn contract might indicate that the shipments may begin earlier than rumored.  

In October, 50 million units of iPhone 5s were sold and if Apple expects to sell 90 million units of iPhone 6 by end of 2014, it could only be done with a higher demand or an earlier release date, the analyst noted. But it must be noted that growth in smartphones is expected to be stable.

Apple has not made any official statements regarding the matter yet, which is expected to be the "biggest ever" launch in the history of the tech giant, but in the past iPhones were released in September.

At present, some retailers already cut the price of iPhone 5, perhaps in anticipation of the release of iPhone 6.  

Although Apple has not confirmed the iPhone 6 will be its "biggest launch" ever, there were expected few changes. The next-generation iPhone is expected to come with bigger screen similar to Samsung Galaxy S5 and other Android competitors. Other reports said Apple's iPhone 6 will sport sapphire glass display with embedded solar cells that can augment and extend the battery life.

With all the major advancements and added killer features of iPhone 6, it is not hard to envision why Apple deems its iPhone sales will surpass other units. 

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