Apple Preps for the Big Push on iPhone 6 Release Date? Cuts Down 2013 Shipment Target for iPhone 5S, Previous Models – Analyst

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Apple plans to downgrade its third quarter and fourth quarter productions of the iPhone 5S ostensibly to focus on its impending entry to the global phablet arena via the rumoured iPhone 6.

From a high of 45 million and 65 million units of shipments in Q3 2013 and Q4 2013 respectively, the iPhone maker would likely trim down its output target to 30 million and 40 million, also covering the two successive periods, according to Jefferies analyst Peter Misek.

Note that the deliberate production turndown purportedly covers both the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5 and will skip out the iPhone 4S and the iPhone 4. The last two models, earlier reports said, are set for retirement to make way for the budget iOS smartphone now referred as the iPhone Lite.

The downward adjustments were based on the indicators largely provided by Apple's distributing partners in the United Kingdom, which according to Mr Misek signal a worldwide production issues for the tech giant.

The Jefferies analyst also told CNET that Apple's component suppliers have been reporting slides on overall sales and orders, which support his current outlook for Apple's iOS 7 devices thrust for 2013.

The overall iPhone sales in particular would only reach a high of 30 million in the third quarter and 50 million by the fourth, Mr Misek said.

Apple, it appears, is looking forward at the moment as Jeffries data strongly pointed to an iPhone 6 launch in the initial months of 2014. Touted as likely the first iOS mobile phone breaking the 4-inch screen mark, it will sport a 6-inch viewing window.

No other specs were provided by Mr Misek though earlier reports have hinted that the iPhone 6 will represent a big leap from previous models. In addition, many experts regard the supposed Apple phablet as the iOS gadget to watch because the iPhone 5S is merely an incremental upgrade.

At best, the former would show off bits of component improvements and new features thanks to the newly-overhauled iOS 7. The iPhone 6, on the other hand, would likely deliver a new design template and fresh technologies that analysts call as killer features.

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