Apple Patent Discloses a Potential iPad Stylus; An Extendable 'Nib Stylus' With Multi-touch Functionality

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IN PHOTO: An illustration picture shows application icons on an Apple Ipad tablet held by a woman in Bordeaux, Southwestern France, February 4, 2013. Reuters

Apple is known for setting trends. This time, Apple might bite the bullet by providing a stylus for iPad following the trend.

The company filed a new patent for a multi-touch, extendable "nib stylus" that can be adjusted to give users the ability to draw thinner or thicker lines on their displays, according to Tech Times.

This was not the first time Apple filed a patent for its stylus. We have seen several stylus patents from Apple in the past, but none of them materialized.

When Apple released iPad Air, there were rumors that Apple would finally give its iPad the much required stylus. But that did not turn out to be true.

Although there are umpteen varieties of styli available from various vendors, which are perfectly compatible with iPad, die-hard Apple fans are still waiting for Apple to change its stance and provide them with a stylus.

According to Slash Gear, U.S. Patent and Trademark Office published the new Apple stylus patent, although it was earlier filed in 2012.

What do We Know About the Proposed Stylus?

- It has an expandable/adjustable nib.

- It is multi-touch: The more the nib touches the iPad's touchscreen, the wider the strokes become.

- The nib is flexible to make it work like a paintbrush when needed.

- The nib is rumored to be made of conductive material or with fiber optic strands.

- Apple also listed smartphones, gaming consoles and more as potential devices that could use the proposed stylus.

- This stylus could come with a bunch of sensors like accelerometers and even light sensors.

Why is Apple's Stylus Design a Standout?

Rather than going the "Samsung way" by licensing an already established technology from Wacom, Apple invested time, effort and money in totally redesigning the stylus. This is where Apple beats every competitor hands-down.

Time and again, Apple proves the following quote right: "Design is intelligence made visible."

Current Alternatives

If you are looking for an alternative stylus for your iPad until Apple makes its own, here are some of the brush and stylus options you could choose from: TruGlide Pro, Nomad Brush, GoSmart Stylus, Sensu Brush and Wacom Bamboo.

What Could be the Possible Name of Apple Stylus?

iPen, iPencil, iStick and iStylus - Any takers?

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