Apple Offers iPhone 5s and iPad at Reduced Trade-In Ahead of iPhone 6, iPad Air 2 Release

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Apple has lowered the trade-in values under its iPhone Reuse and Recycling program in Canada and the United States. The company has slashed off as much as $45 from the value of previous models including the iPhone 5. More importantly, the latest recycling pricing looks maxed out at $225. What can people expect from the tech giant in the future? 

According to a report by Apple Insider, the latest pricing will be max at $225 from $270. Apple announced the new scheme via its website. More importantly, there have been reports about the reduced iPhone valuation applied first in Canada. However, the report also noted that while the company has indicate in its website about the lower trade-in pricing, the online site of Apple's Reuse and Recycling program still puts the price at $225 for iPhone 5 units in good condition. 

This has caused confusion among consumers. Values need to be consistent in all platforms including online and physical outlets. This is even more important because the Reuse and Recycling program has been sourced to a third-party vendor. The latest change in the rate goes against Apple's past practices. Back in August 2012, the company offered the then-present iPhone 4s unit for $345. The Reuse and Recycling program at that time was also rebranded. The iPhone 5s is still not part of the trade-in program although analysts believe it should only be a matter of time. The iPhone 6 will be due this fall thus driving the program to start soon. 

According to 9to5Mac, trade-in values are unstable. They fluctuate constantly. For instance, the value reached $275 just March this year. In the previous month, it was at $250. Apple's $225 rate is the lowest so far offered. Apple just included the iPad recently under the trade-in program. Initially, the company chose to retain its value although analysts expect it should also go down as the iPad Air 2 release approaches.

According to reports, Apple has started mass production for its iPhone 6 and iPad Air 2 this month. If the company can stick to its schedule then the release should happen in September as expected. 

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