Apple Mac Remains Strong Despite Challenging PC Market, iPhone Remains a Winner Through Q3 Price Points

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Apple CEO Tim Cook Departs The Stage Following His Keynote Address
Apple CEO Tim Cook departs the stage following his keynote address at the Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco, California, June 2, 2014. Reuters

Apple just revealed the company's third quarter financial report showing its strong performance beating forecasts. New details about the iPhone 6 may disappoint those on the watch as new evidence suggests that there may not be a sapphire screen this fall. 

For the latest quarter, Apple shipped around 35 million iPhones. This is a 12.7% improvement from the same quarter in 2013. More importantly, despite the forlorn predictions about the PC market, Apple's Mac still saw an increase. 

Last July 22, Apple revealed its fiscal Q3 results. The company has recorded comparatively strong set of numbers that went beyond market expectations. However, the company posted revenues still lower compared to forecasts. Apple's strong performance mainly came from iPhones. The unit has seen a growing demand for the past months. The Mac, on other hand, posted double-digits sales growth against the falling demand for personal computers. 

One area Apple has to work on is its iPad. Sales for the unit continue to decline. According to Seeking Alpha, the iPad has been working against weaker or lower demands within developed markets. Apple's quarterly revenue was recorded at $37.4 billion which is a 6% increase. The company's earnings per share also improved at 20% year-over-year. The increase can be attributed to the recent share purchases. 

Though Apple appears to be performing quite well, the company may soon hit a snag because of the reported sapphire screen on the iPhone 6. According to Forbes, a new insight or report about the device raises concerns if Apple can really deliver sapphire screens during the release. Forbes noted LEDinside report saying that it has not seen any indications of increased sapphire demand. There are no strong evidences to support increase in demand for raw sapphire materials or price changes. The price of sapphire should change as demand increases but the research organization has not seen any. 

LEDinside is associated with TrendForce - a company concentrating on development and supply chain of displays.

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