Apple: Latest 'Jigsaw Puzzle' App Lands in the App Store; Costs £1.99 / $2.99

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Unlike the game Tetris, Jigsaw puzzles require wide screen for a convenient play. This puzzle is a leisurely played game and a slow-paced pastime for many. But they don't fit the size of the smartphone screens quite well.

Ravensburger, a German game company and market leader in the European jigsaw puzzle market for about 100 years now, released its digital jigsaw puzzle app in App Store.

According to the company: "We are uniting the traditions and experiences from the classical world of puzzles with the advantages and opportunities of the digital world."

This digital puzzle gives users the joy of building puzzles, without the potential problem of losing individual jigsaw pieces in the traditional game.

Upon downloading this pack of puzzle, users can choose the number of pieces they want to work with, ranging from 20 to 500 pieces. The app then cuts the puzzle into motifs and distributes the pieces on the digital table.


The first thing that can come to a user's mind upon download is adaptability.

Ravensburger Puzzle' adapts to individual's style of playing.  Users who wish to be in total control can manually sort pieces into drawers by color or shape, and then drag them into piles, says Mashable.

There is also an option where the game arranges all the pieces in the corner to make a border. This option helps the clueless kids in getting familiar with the game.

As for first timers or those who need assistance, the game can sort pieces out for you.

Also there is a sophisticated 3D look of the puzzle pieces with physically realistic behavior.

According to Thomas Bleyer, managing director of Ravensburger's digital division, Ravensburger's 100 years of puzzle making business experience helped them make the digital puzzle experience feel like the real thing.

He further added, "The game offers a realistic physics engine that makes the process of putting a puzzle together feel tangible, even if you're only dragging your fingers across a screen."

The company said when the digital version of the jigsaw puzzle was ready, they tested the app by making hundreds of traditional puzzle fans to use the digital version and the feedback was collected. They also made sure the digital version felt seamless according to the provided feedback.

Compatible Devices

This game requires iOS 5.0 or later. This is compatible with iPad 2 or other higher versions.


Ravensburger Puzzler is now available in the App Store for $2.99/£1.99.

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