Apple Lags Behind Samsung And Amazon In Display Technologies – Research

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In his paper titled, "2014 Innovative Displays and Display technologies, Smartphones, Tablets, TVs and Wearable Displays," Dr. Raymond Soneira has warned Apple may suffer the risk of falling behind Samsung and Amazon in display technologies.

"Apple has recently given up the lead in displays -- now Amazon, Google, LG, and Samsung are launching products with the best and most innovative displays," Dr. Soneira said.

In the aspect of the emerging LCD technology, he added Amazon made a good call in tapping the LCD technology called Quantom Dots, which employed for the Kindle Fire HDX 7.

"Quantum Dots are going to revolutionize and reenergize LCDs for the next 5+ years. While they have been under development for many years, in 2013 they made it out of the labs and into consumer products: in some models of Sony Bravia TVs...and in the Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 7, with Quantum Dots from Nanosys," he wrote.

Quantum Dot displays produced highly saturated primary colors at par with the OLED displays.

Although Apple had been understood to be tapping OLED for its iWatch, Samsung had long been since using OLEDs with its product. It can be noted Samsung is the world's leading advocate of the OLED technology, according to Dr. Soneira.

Samsung had already designed its Galaxy smartphones and was rumored to design its tablets with OLEDs by 2014.

"OLEDs are also incredibly thin, just fractions of a millimeter, which is a major advantage in mobile displays and especially for wearable displays. It's important to note that the curvature is small and subtle [but it's] just the right amount to significantly improve image quality when watching in ambient light," he wrote.

"Hopefully Apple will join the leaders again with new and innovative displays in 2014."

Dr. Soneira claimed the iPad mini retina's display which employs a technology known as IGZO was the company commissioned by Sharp, which fell short as compared with the Kindle HDX and second generation Nexus 7 display.

* Dr. Raymond Soneira is president of DisplayMate Technologies Corporation of Amherst, New Hampshire, developing video calibration, evaluation, and diagnostic products for consumers, technicians and manufacturers.

* DisplayMate Technologies specializes in proprietary sophisticated scientific display calibration and mathematical display optimization to deliver unsurpassed objective performance, picture quality and accuracy for all types of displays, including video and computer monitors, projectors, TVs, mobile displays such as smartphones and tablets, and all display technologies such as LCD, OLED, 3D, LED, LCoS, Plasma, DLP and CRT.

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