Apple iWatch Release And Price Speculations Emerge Anew

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Apple's iWatch is rumored for the longest time with Apple fans and curious users continuously wonder when the release date would be and how much the wearable gadget will cost.

New speculations emerged the most-awaited iWatch will debut in 2014, possibly between July and September.

Based on the data provided by Taiwan's Economic Daily News in an article by CNET, the Cupertino-based company plans to produce 65 million iWatches before 2014 ends. This allegation is based on the supply chain and the amount of materials Apple is dealing with various manufacturers.

iWatch Release Goes Near With Manufacturers Unveiled

Similar to how iPhone's parts are manufactured by different sources, iWatches will have diversified origins with Quanta Computer to produce the watch itself. Richtek Technology will work on the chip design and TPK to create the touchscreen for the device. If the sapphire screen feature will be accurate, iWatch will come closely to the rumored iPhone 6 which will also sport a touch sapphire display that Apple holds a pending patent application for its uses.

Previous reports said Apple invested more than half a billion dollar to take hold of sapphire products from GT Advanced Technologies. Sapphire is the second hardest material after diamond and it is scratch-resistant is not a mere joke. If integrated in the upcoming iWatch, the device can withstand rigorous use, especially for users who live an active lifestyle.

Samsung Will be Chipmaker?

Apple is working on the iWatch's processor but chip manufacturing may be outsourced to Samsung. Since there is a new patent case brewing for both technology giants, tech geeks could only watch whether this "partnership" will not end into another million-dollar war.

The rise of wearable technology's popularity is unstoppable with different manufacturers creating their own prototypes. Apple may be the one of the first, if not the first, to release news of a smartwatch, but other manufacturers like Samsung, LG, Sony, and even the Chinese manufacturer Huawei have already released their version of smartwatches.

How Much the iWatch Would Cost?

There is no exact reports detailing the release date of the iWatch neither of its price, but if it will go into its usually "premium" tag, it may cost between $180 and $230 (AU$191.98 and AU$245.31).

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