Apple iWatch ‘Patent’ Design Revealed

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The rumours related to Apple launching a smartwatch later this year were further encouraged as the tech giant got its patent for "iWatch" on Tuesday, July 22. The patent filing revealed the design of the highly anticipated smartwatch.

Apple's revelations related to iWatch showed that their smartphone would not be dramatically different from other available ones in the market at the moment. According to expectations, there will be Bluetooth, GPS receiver, accelerometer, vibration alert and a touchscreen. The smartwatch will get connected to one mobile device as it will allow its users to receive or reject phone calls from the mobile device. However, it was not clarified if the smartwatch would be able to allow users to make phone calls. It is also expected to display related notifications.

However, there is one aspect of iWatch that may make it stand out among its competitors. The smartwatch can be used as a storage device for video and music as one will be able to play media files straightway from the device. The device can also be connected to a headphone through a socket placed on the top left corner. According to Apple's patent filing, the advantages of iWatch are "numerous." It mentions about three advantages even though different implementations may result in more advantages.

"One advantage of certain embodiments of the invention is that an electronic wristband having one or more electronic components embedded therein can serve to extend or augment capabilities of a portable electronic device," the document said. According to Apple, iWatch can receive messages for news alerts or posts on social networks.  The "electronic wristband can communicate with other nearby computing devices to provide information directly to a user via the electronic wristband," the patent document said.

Apple did not clarify what iWatch would be made of even though it did mention a "non-metal material." Possible materials which can be used for making the smartwatch are silicone, Mylar, Rubber, vinyl and plastic.

See the patent design HERE.

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