Apple iWatch: Five Things to Look Forward on Smart Gadget

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Rumors have been floating around on that Apple is engineering a fashionable iWatch for about sometime and is ready to release this smart gadget within 2014. With so much web frenzy going on, there are five things to look forward on this smart gadget.

1.       Apple iWatch has full iOS. According to heavy rumors, the iWatch was engineered with the iOS 8 in mind so Apple does not need any more to keep the code in the operating system but rather lets the developers explore endless possibilities so they can come up with suitable app within the months to come that will take a big hit in the market. Given the right app installed in the iWatch, users may want to grab a unit of this smart gadget to suit their needs.

 2.       Apple iWatch integrates with other Apple Devices. According to a report from Mac Rumors, KGI securities analyst Ming Chi Kuo expects the iWatch to be fully integrated with other Apple smart products like iPhone, iPad, and Mac. This way, iWatch users will be able to access basic functions of the watch and receive instant notifications without the need to pull up their expensive Apple mobile phone or other smart gadgets.

 3.       Apple iWatch comes with biometrics and other sensors. Rumor has it that the iWatch will be able to monitor vital statistics and personal data such as heart rate, sleep quality, calories burned, or steps taken. News report from Apple Insider also mentioned that the iWatch will also come with environmental sensors which could be able to detect and monitor noise, temperature, humidity, or pressure.

 4.       Apple iWatch will use fashionable display panels from LG. Speculations emerged that Apple choose LG as the sole supplier of gadget's display due owing to the fact that LG has been known for their thin panel, light weight, sufficient brightness, and power saving capabilities. Given these considerations, the upcoming iWatch is said to be available in 1.3-inch and 1.5-inch sizes to snugly fit on different wrist sizes of the users.  

5.       Apple iWatch may be manufactured by two giants Nike and Apple. Nike had been producing the popular Nike Fuelband so the team up with Apple will hopefully bring about more in-depth tracking capabilities to Apple's iWatch.  Gadget enthusiasts may expect their iTunes to be in sync via wireless caabilty to the wearable gadget. Plus of course, the iWatch will hopefully have long battery life although it was suspected to last up to 4-5 days only instead of the year-long battery life in normal watch.

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