Apple iPhone Air Video Released: Hybrid iPhone and MacBook Air Specs

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Apple has been making the headlines especially with the upcoming release of the iPhone 6. It appears Apple wants to make the headlines even more with the series of other upcoming releases. According to recent reports, the tech giant may be planning on releasing an iPhone Air - a hybrid between with the MacBook and the iPhone. Will an iPhone Air be any good? 

Apple previously treated its MacBook line with the Air technology. Consequently, the hybrid between the technology and the laptop line has proven to be successful. Even until now, the MacBook Air is considered as one of the best laptop offerings around. 

According to a report from Ubergizmo, a concept video of the iPhone Air was spotted. While most reports say that Apple will be releasing the iPhone 6, there are also analysts convinced that Apple may release an iPhone Air instead. It remains unknown what the tech giant plans on releasing until fall. 

According to the report, the concept video of the iPhone Air may be the closest to the real thing. The concept video is from designer Sam Beckett. The video shows a familiar design framework featuring an almost bezel-free 4.7" sapphire crystal display. The display offers 1080p viewing experience. It also measures 7mm thin. The device on the device is around 8% bigger compared to the previous iPhone 5s model. 

The iPhone model on the video also shows a 10MP IOS-capable camera. While the hardware specifications do not appear to have any impact at the moment, Apple has a proven track record of merging its product lines successfully. Take the MacBook Air and the iPad Air. Both product lines received favorable reviews and posted good computing performance. If any of these products are any indication, analysts think that people can also expect some excellent features or performance from a hybrid iPhone Air. 

Recent information suggests that Apple will be releasing its new phone around September. The company has been speeding up the production process by mass hiring spree according to the Wall Street Journal. People will have to wait for Apple's official announcement about its next flagship phone. 

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