Apple iPhone 6 Will Kill iPhone 5s, iPhone 5, iPhone 4 and Other Phones

By @peevesky on

Apple's iPhone 6 becomes more valuable by the day as the release date nears. According to recent information, despite other major releases from the tech giant, the iWatch and the Apple TV are no match for the value of iPhone 6. Analysts and investors alike pay more attention to the release of the iPhone than any other product. Recent study suggests that the upcoming iPhone 6 can encourage a replacement cycle than can challenge many of existing phones today. 

According to a report by Business Insider and information from Morgan Stanley, while consumers pay attention to the Apple TV, iWatch, iPad and other devices of Apple, they cannot compare to the iPhone's impact. The iPhone series constitute around 60% of Apple's sales. Likewise, it also accounts for more than 90% of what analysts and investors say and think about the company. 

This is the reason why analysts and investors did not worry too much about the sales numbers of iPad in the past quarter. The iPhone numbers posted strong results assuring the company's position in the market. 

Analysts remain positive about the iPhone sales once the iPhone 6 rolls out. According to predictions and recent supply chain information, Apple plans on releasing two iphone sizes - one of which features a larger screen and phablet form factor. The larger screen will be a major factor for people to replace their existing phones. 

According to the chart created by Morgan Stanley, more than half of the iPhone users in the United States use iPhone 4 or iPhone 4s. The same situation can be observed from AT&T owners. Mogran Stanley along with some of Wall Street experts believes that Apple can expect a surge of upgrades from these people. 

According to another report by Business Insider, the iPhone 6 series will feature a completely redesigned body. The leaked photo from Apple's partner Foxconn reportedly supports this idea. The upcoming handset should also be thinner even than the iPhone 5s. It may appear a stretch for Apple but the company has been known for its affinity to make everything else thinner.

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