Apple iPhone 6 Sapphire Crystal Display to Be Better than Samsung Galaxy S5: GT Stock Rises

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Apple's iPhone 6 continues to make the headlines especially following reports about the sapphire screen. According to reported information, the sapphire screen display will be better than any smartphone to day. Currently, smarpthones bank on Corning Gorilla Glass. However, according to studies, the sapphire material is proven to be better as it ranks next to diamond in durability. What can people expect? 

On March 17, GT Advanced Technologies (GTAT) stock went up by 2.5 per cent early in the afternoon. The stocks went up following Canaccord Genuity emphasizing its buy rating regarding the company's shares and potential opportunities. As Apple's supplier of sapphire displays for the upcoming iPhone 6, GT will have tremendous growth. In fact, supply of sapphire displays will extend beyond Apple's smartphones. It will trickle down to other smart devices of the company - which is nearly everything on the menu. 

Canaccord also noted that GT stands to gain from a global resurge of sales for solar products. This is after there has been a four-year slump. GT focuses on the production of crystal growth equipment and advanced materials. It also works on synthetic sapphire crystal products for use in power electronics, consumer electronics including solar and LED industries. 

While Apple has not released official announcements about the iPhone 6, many reports have cited the  deal with GT as a strong sign. 

"We reiterate our buy rating on GTAT shares as we believe the Apple opportunity plus the recovery in the solar market should allow the company to exceed Street expectations," Canaccord analysts Jonathan Dorsheimer and Josh Baribeau published in a research note. 

"Additionally, GT has an increasing number of 'irons in the fire,' which reduces diversification and customer concentration risks." 

Digitimes also reported that Apple has been pushing for automated production. According to report, sources from the company's upstream supply chain said: 

"Apple has already automated its Mac Pro and iMac production lines. Other than materials and final assembly, manpower is not required for the rest of the manufacturing." 

Production of other devices may follow suit as well. According to reports, the sapphire display may also come with solar cells allowing people to charge phones via solar power.

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