Apple iPhone 6 Rumors: Upcoming Smart Phone with Bigger Screen Display and 8-Core Processor?


Jefferies industry analyst Peter Misek made a variety of predictions on the upcoming Apple iPhone 6. His predictions included a bigger screen display on the latest smart phone as well as integration of an 8-core processor.

According to Misek, Apple wanted to release iPhone 6 before 2013 ends but the screen suppliers' manufacturing issues caused the delay. The technology giant is reportedly under pressure in creating a larger screen display size of 4.8 inches from the initial 4-inch measurement.

The analyst believes there could be another reason as to why Apple is holding back with the iPhone 6 release. Peter Misek suggests the upcoming smart phone will feature 20 nm chip processors which is the smallest Node Process to be used compared to the A6 chip with 32 nm.

Apple is reportedly preparing to "re-architect iOS to utilize more cores" before the iPhone 6 is officially launched. The iOS updgrade will then allow addition of probably 4- 8 CPU cores for the Apple iPhone 6 for a new processing speed.

However, Peter Misek thinks Apple will have a hard time in building up all of these estimated features and specifications for the upcoming iPhone 6. This could delay the smart phone's release schedule since the new iOS design might be accomplished in 2014.

Other iPhone 6 predictions of the Jefferies industry analyst include a display conversion from LCD technology to organic light-emitting diode (OLED), incorporation of the iCloud and gesture controls for better functions and a possible Apple iOS improvement for a much better performance against the other devices from rival company Samsung.

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