Apple iPhone 6 Release Will be the Biggest Launch of All Time - Analyst

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Samsung has released its Samsung Galaxy S5 so only one thing is left to happen: Apple's release of iPhone 6.

The two tech giants have a long standing rivalry and each product release meant expectations for the other to come up with a better offering. Samsung is underwhelming for some analysts and with the hype of iPhone 6, there are those concerned whether Apple can really deliver. With a promise of better processor, new design and futuristic features, one analyst said Apple can sell 90 million units in no time. 

According to Industry Analyst Jeff Kagan, Apple's expected changes to its next flagship phone will increase its chances of selling 90 million units in its first year. 

"Several years ago the Apple iPhone was the first entry into this super smartphone market which changed the entire wireless industry. Next we have watched Google Android and Samsung Galaxy grow rapidly as well. That's why industry watchers have expected to see iPhone sales slow over the last couple years," Jeff Kagan cited. 

"However Apple sales have not slowed down. In fact they have been as strong and ever. And so have sales from Samsung Galaxy. Also, the iPhone has not really had a radical reinvention. What happens is existing users want whatever is new. Many users sell their existing iPhones, or trade them in and get several hundred dollars which reduces the cost of a new iPhone," Kagan added.

"So the Apple iPhone not only holds its value, but it holds the interest of it's customers. There is a vast difference between an Apple investor and an Apple customers. A vast difference. Apple users still are absolutely in love with their Apple devices no matter what the investors say." 

Seeking Alpha reported that Apple's iPhone 6 will be a monster. According to the report, Apple's upcoming iPhone is expected to run on a new A8 chip based on TSMC's 28-nanometer process. This offers better graphics and overall computing performance. Also, the device may also have a higher end IP from Imagination Technologies.

Other reported features include sapphire glass, solar charging and dynamic user interface for remote user control. 

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