Apple iPhone 6 Release Update: iPhone 6 and other iOS Devices to Feature New Siri, Apple Acquires Speech-Recognition Service Novauris

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Apple Inc. (AAPL) Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook went for another acquisition with Novauris Technologies.  According to reports, the move was to enhance the company's voice prompt software Siri. There are no details as to how much did the acquisition cost but it appears the tech giant is moving towards bringing in more partners to strengthen its product line. What can people expect from this newly formed partnership? 

Novauris Technologies have coordinated with other companies like Dragon Systems. Apple's move to acquire Novauris goes along with the company's strategy of putting smaller companies under its umbrella. In the process, the tech giant also swallows the technologies of these companies before including them in the company's future products. 

The strategy is different from Google and Facebook's approach. Both companies have been investing billions of dollars on getting other companies to use their existing technologies. Tech Crunch reported the acquisition earlier. According to Kristin Huguet, spokeswoman for Apple:  "Apple buys smaller technology companies from time to time, and we generally do not discuss our purpose or plans." 

Novauris has been working on automatic speech recognition (ASR) technology allowing information access stored locally on servers or mobile devices. The technology will also reportedly feature a large-vocabulary. The company has already patented the system in the United States. It has also obtained license for major firms across the globe. 

What separates Novauris from other companies is that the company has experience in both server and embedded space. It also operated with the core engine giving it competitive advantage. Novauris can be considered as an Asset for Apple especially for developing its Siri feature. 

According to a report by Businessweek, the Cupertino-based company has made 15 acquisitions during its last fiscal year. This was a major leap from the five acquisitions it made the year before. Likewise, the company spent $525 million in acquisitions in the last quarter. This is twice what it invested in the previous year. 

Other acquisitions made include Topsy Labs Inc. (a data-analystics firm), PrimeSense Ltd. (creator of motion-tracking chip technology and Broadmap (mapping software company). Apple introduced Siri back in 2011. It has since then trickled to other releases of the company. 

The tech giant is set to release the iPhone 6 this September. Any changes Apple wants to do about Siri may materialize during the phone's release later this year.

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