Apple iPhone 6 Release Update: iPhone 6 to Feature Selfie System of the Future

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Apple has been gearing up for the release of its iPhone 6. As recent trends crop up emphasizing people's addiction to taking self portraits or "selfies," it appears Apple will be capitalizing on that. According to a recent patent publication from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, Apple got a patent approved securing the "selfie" system of the future. The technology features the use of wireless accessory managing camera functions of the iPhone. 

The recent patent application goes by U.S. Patent No. 8,675,084 with a title "Systems and methods for remote camera control." Apple Insider reported that although Apple has yet to include the technology in its device, the system described may be useful when people take "selfies." The new iPhone can present people new and interesting ways to take pictures and record videos. 

According to the patent, the technology features a remote control that can contact to an iPod and or iPhone through wireless link. Users can work with a WiF or Bluetooth to connect the accessory. They can take photos or capture videos even from the distance. Likewise, the accessory can also show photographed content through an embedded screen. 

What is interesting to the patent is its notification system. The technology communicates to the accessory about the state of the camera. For instance, if the camera captured an image, the accessory will relay that information to the user via lights. Users can observe changes in the UI or other visual indication. 

Simply put, instead of going back to the iPhone to get confirmation that an image was captured or the device continues to record a video, a person can keep track of the status of the camera remotely. In some versions of the patent, the remote may function like the camera. For instance, it can change models from video to photo or adjust the frame rates and shutter speeds. 

The control can also extend of the camera app activation of the iPhone. Once the accessory gets notified about the device turning off or the software closing, it can manage the activation. The technology allows users to change camera videos. This includes a live remote preview offering remote shot framing. 

This function can be useful when working with group portraits. People can fix subjects positioned at the edge of the frame. Apple has yet to make an announcement about the final features of the iPhone 6.

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