Apple iPhone 6 Release Update: Dynamic User Interface Allows Users to Control Handset from Afar

By @peevesky on

Apple has been looking into a range of input methods for its devices according to a new patent. This new input method may find its way to upcoming Apple devices like the iPhone 6. The latest patent sighting describes the use of advanced sensors to recognize movements, gestures, distance and location from a user. This means people may control the device from afar. Can Apple pull of this type of technology for the iPhone 6? 

The new patent will allow users to switch easily from up close physical input to gesture controls remotely. According to the patent continuation released by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, the technology will be featuring a user-sensing, highly interactive computer system. 

The patent goes by "Computer User Interface System and Methods." It indicates a group of sensors that can measure a series of metrics including the user's location in a room. It can identify the gestures and triangulate the coordinates of the individual. According to reports, an interesting function included in the patent is the "user proximity content." 

The feature can change the user interface of the system depending on the proximity of the user to the device. 

"An appearance of information displayed by the computer may be altered or otherwise controlled based on the user proximity context," the filing explained. 

"For example, a size and/or a content of the information displayed by the computer may be altered or controlled." 

Through the system, display elements such as the text size may be increased or decreased automatically depending on the user's distance to the screen. The user interface will also change and adapt depending on the location of the user relating to the device. The device will act depending on the distance and the exact spot where the user is. 

Apple also indicated in another demonstration that the device can transfer input controls automatically. This means the device translate input controls from a mouse to hand gestures while the user steps away. The system allows the unit to change the brightness of the screen based on the distance of the user. It calculates the distance and provides screen quality based on what is "viewable" from the user's standpoint. 

Apple has been becoming more futuristic with its patents. People will have to wait for the company's announcement about the feature but it should be interesting to see an iPhone adjusting its functions without the user holding it.

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