Apple iPhone 6 Release Soon as 3D Imaging Becomes a Success: New Motion Sensors And Force-Detecting Features

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Apple's upcoming iPhone 6 has appeared more interesting as more patents began to surface. According to recent reports, Apple has been investing on 3D imaging, new motion sensors and force-detecting features.

Phone 6 will include never before seen functions from the previous iPhone generations. Analysts thought it can be interesting to see what the new iPhone 6 can do with enhanced sensitivity and added functions. Can Apple deliver a winner? 

Recent patent showed Apple has been working to include a 3D imaging to smartphones and mobile devices. Apparently, the company wants additional ways to immerse and improve interaction between its mobile handsets and laptop computers. 

The first patent application was called "imaging range finding device and method." The patent describes a technology working similarly to Microsoft's Kinect motion sensor. In Apple's invention, the device uses a range of photo detectors and light emitters found at the back of an optical lens. These are used to guide the direction light in relation to an object. 

The technology will be used as a range finder. This technology will provide the following uses:

  • Mapping and scanning of spaces for pattern matching and object scanning
  • Guiding visually impaired users to navigate through landscapes
  • Managing communication between the deaf and similar users for more effective interaction
  • Photo editing

These are some of the functions that Apple intends to include in its upcoming mobile handset lineup. Should the company be successful in 3D imaging then users can expect a range of interesting features, including mapping and navigation unlike before. 

Analysts believed this is possible especially since the tech giant acquired Israeli outfit PrimeSense. Apple acquired the company for $360 million. According to previous reports, PrimeSense has been investing on a 3D sensor technology dubbed Capri 1.25. 

The second patent was known "optical sensing mechanisms for input devices." The patent described a unique kind of trackpad whose position relies on reflected light. The pad can roam around freely across different planes similar to how joysticks moved before. Apple has yet to make an official announcement for iPhone 6.

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