Apple iPhone 6 Release Roundup: Release Date in September, 90M Units, Hologram And More Specs

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The upcoming Apple iPhone 6 has remained one of the most anticipated releases of the year. Some analysts thought Samsung's Galaxy S5 release was slight underwhelming. It could be an opportunity for Apple to seize a good part of the market.

Recent reports claimed Apple is taking iPhone 6 design and features more into the future. An analyst even expected the company to sell as many as 90 million units in the first year. Is the iPhone 6 really special? 

Bigger Display And September Release 

Previously, Apple kept to smaller displays for its iPhone series. Compared to most smartphones in the market, the tech giant did not seem as pressured to switch to the "phablet" trend. More reports about a bigger screen for iPhone 6 continued to surface. Also, recent data suggested Apple has been working on speeding up development to ensure it can release this September. 

According to the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), Apple has been on a hiring spree to boost production time in Taiwan and China.

According to the report, Apple Inc. is hiring hundreds of new engineers and supply-chain managers in China and Taiwan as it attempts to speed up product development and launch a wider range of devices.

 "People familiar with the matter said the Cupertino, Calif., company is hiring engineers from rival smartphone maker HTC Corp. and other Taiwanese tech firms to build up teams in Shanghai and Taipei." 

The aggressive hiring hinted Apple's commitment to quicker and more product launches throughout the year.

iPhone 6 will reportedly come in two sizes: 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches. WSJ also reported that Apple now employs over 600 employees for its China operations alone. 

90 Million Units 

The hype over iPhone 6 is one thing but analyst's predications are another. According to Industry Analyst Jeff Kagan, Apple may sell as many as 90 million units of iPhone 6 in the first year alone.

"Several years ago the Apple iPhone was the first entry into this super smartphone market which changed the entire wireless industry. Next we have watched Google Android and Samsung Galaxy grow rapidly as well. That's why industry watchers have expected to see iPhone sales slow over the last couple years,"  Kagan said.

"However Apple sales have not slowed down. In fact they have been as strong and ever. And so have sales from Samsung Galaxy. Also, the iPhone has not really had a radical reinvention. What happens is existing users want whatever is new. Many users sell their existing iPhones, or trade them in and get several hundred dollars which reduces the cost of a new iPhone," he added.

"So the Apple iPhone not only holds its value, but it holds the interest of it's customers. There is a vast difference between an Apple investor and an Apple customers. A vast difference. Apple users still are absolutely in love with their Apple devices no matter what the investors say."

Hologram And Other Futuristic Features 

Set Solution reported a concept video featuring hologram projection function in iPhone 6. Since reports of Apple securing patents started going around, it appears that the tech giant wants to take the features of its flagship further into the future. Other reported features included dynamic user interface which allows people to control the device even from afar through gestures and three dimensional imaging.

Apple Insider reported Apple securing a patent for "Imaging Range Finding Device and Method," featuring a similar system to the Kinect motion sensor from Microsoft. 

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