Apple iPhone 6 Release Roundup: China Stage Set, Top Features, New Touch Sensor for 3D, Indoor Navigation and More

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Apple has been setting the stage for the release of the iPhone 6. According to recent reports, the company has been doing well in China posting strong iPhone sales. This means the tech giant has penetrated the market successfully offering more potential for upcoming releases like the iPhone 6. Recent patent sightings also indicated that Apple may include a touch sensor, indoor navigation and mapping system. 

According to a report by Reuters, Apple has been performing well in the Chinese market. The company recorded strong profits on its current product lineup. Analysts believe that the company stands to gain more following the release of the iPhone 6 and other offerings. 

The report also noted at least 15 brokerages changing their price targets from $60 up to $700. Company shares also went up 8.5 percent at $569.49 last April 24. RBC Capital Markets analyst Amit Daryanani noted that several factors will drive the company's stock higher. These include a bigger iPhone 6, bigger dividend, expanded share buyback and new products. 

There are several things people may find in the next iPhone release. According to latest reports, the upcoming smartphone may feature the following:

  • Indoor navigation and 3D positioning - Apple just got a patent describing use of WiFi access points for navigation and mapping instead of the standard GPS. Apple's patent is entitled "Determining a location of a mobile device using a location database." It goes by the No. 8,700,060.
  • Curved display and all-aluminum rear shell - According to MacRumors, the iPhone 6 will ditch the rear glass antenna breaks. Apple will go for an all-aluminum design.

The sapphire glass is also still part of the reported specs. There are also reports saying that Apple will launch the iPhone with the iOS 8. The iOS 8 will feature health apps that can monitor the user's health stats. Likewise, the iOS 8 will also have better mapping system. Apple will have to make an official announcement yet about its upcoming products. 

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