Apple iPhone 6 Release Roundup: Apple Updates Can Get Rough Handling, Weather And Age Data

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Apple's iPhone 6 continues to draw attention as more patents and predictions come out. According to recent patents, the tech giant plans to have remote controls and solar charging in the device.

A new analyst prediction cited the upcoming smartphone may predict the weather. Apple's next flagship could gather weather, age and rough handling data. 

Ever felt the humidity or heat change? The next iPhone from Apple may feel the same way as users do. According to reports, Apple will be releasing its next phone around September. The device may also come with its own barometer allowing the device to determine air pressure, humidity and temperature. ESM-China Analyst Sun Changxu provided the forecast. 

G for Games reported Changxu got the information from a  reliable source. If the report is true, then Apple will be going against and catching up with its biggest rival Samsung Galaxy S5. Samsung included weather sensors to its Samsung Galaxy S4 lineup previously.

While the existing iPhone model has Siri assisting people for temperature and humidity, the described technology will be built-in. Siri relies currently on external sources for weather or temperature data. The upcoming technology will allow the device to gather and present data on its own. 

The analyst added it is likely Apple will release two sizes for its iPhone 6: 4.7 inches and 5.7 inches. Other sources claimed Apple will be providing sensors that can check bodily conditions and temperatures. It may function similarly as the health monitor on Samsung Galaxy S5. Apple has yet to provide the final details about the upcoming iPhone 6. 

The bigger screen to be included in iPhone 6 will repotedly drive better upgrades, including switches from Android to Apple. According to a report by Apple Insider, Apple's switch to the big screen can encourage a whole load of upgrade cycles.

Also, it can also attract the attention of those who have been patronizing the large screens found in many Android units. According to reports, many owners of iPhone go through "large-screen envy" over Android. Apple may soon address this.

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