Apple on iPhone 6 Release Final Design Explained with Stripes, New Logo Effect and Aluminum Frame

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Apple iPhone 5S
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Apple's iPhone 6 has been attracting a significant amount of attention even driving all sorts of leaks. There have been numerous dummies popping up everywhere rendering the market as to what the device will really look like. According to recent clarifications, the final design of the iPhone 6 may not come with the previously reported white stripes instead the device will feature new plates and different design scheme. 

Japanese publication Nikkei has been on the news lately especially after its sources pointed out a number of inconsistencies and problems with previous reported mock ups. According to the report, the dummies offer a good insight o the iPhone 6's final design but they some important details were omitted. 

According to G for Games, the iPhone 6 will not come with the white stripes seen on the dummies particularly on the back panels. The white stripes are for notifying manufacturers where they should place the aluminum and the glass. Nikkei also noted that the final design should include a new design effect for the Apple logo. Previously, the iPhone 5s featured a logo that is engraved and polished on the aluminum. Nikkei explained that Apple will cut the Apple logo physically from the metal. This should support the frames posted by 9to5Mac previously. Reports also noted that the iPhone 6 will take on a rounder and thinner form factor to be available in two models: 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch. 

According to a report by Forbes, the previously reported images featuring cutouts in the frame for a new antenna design and the bumpers of the rear are not consistent from what the market has seen from Jony Ive. In fact, Forbes noted that it does not appear to be a legitimate decision based from Ive's previous works such as the diamond cut chamfered edges. The new antenna detail is not consistent with what Apple has been trying to achieve throughout the years. 

Apple has yet to announce the final details of the iPhone 6. 

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