Apple iPhone 6 Release to Feature Samsung-Like Stylus with Multitouch Functions Plus Light and Motion Sensors along with iPad

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Apple has been revealing a range of interesting patents for the upcoming iPhone 6. Apart from the sapphire glass and new camera system, Apple wants to include a stylus on the device. While it can be considered as a move to go against Samsung's TouchWiz interface, the most important question is whether Apple can pull it off. The stylus system will reportedly come with multitouch functions including motion and light sensors. 

According to a patent reported by Apple Insider, the tech giant has been working on the development of a new intelligent, sensor-based stylus. The stylus will allow users to draw lines with different shapes and widths. It will come with an extendable "nib" that works together with a multitouch display. 

The patent describes the stylus as an "Input device having extendable nib." The stylus comes with a series of tip configurations or tip. Each top offers a drawing property or function on the multitouch surface. According to the patent publication from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, the described technology also suggests the use of on-board sensors to detect motions and light. This will be useful in sampling real-world colors. 

As opposed to the existing styli, the new invention uses a conductive nib. This offers variable interaction surface dimensions functioning according to length. For instance, the nib can limited to a function on the surface when used close to the device. Apple can tweak the top to draw only thin lines. 

If Apple extends the nib beyond the body of the stylus, the component can interact with the surface beyond the one touch node. In one example, the nib has flexible properties. The tip goes further from the chassis. It also becomes rigid as it moves away. This feature is ideal when bringing a variety of "feels" such as a paintbrush or pen. 

As the nib gains more exposure, the more nodes it can work with. When this happens, the stylus can work beyond the one touch node when used against a surface. The stylus may be used on a tablet or smartphone if Apple can explore more of its application. According to the invention, people can register a different input or function on the GUI of the device. Apple has yet to make an announcement about the iPhone 6 and upcoming iPad series.

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