Apple iPhone 6 Release to Deliver Killer Experience with Bigger Display, Better 4G and Wireless Charging

By @peevesky on

The market continues to wait for the launch of the iPhone 6. During the Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple gave a glimpse of what people can expect through the iOS 8. Apart from these, predictions and leaks from developers have also surfaced following the event. According to recent information, the upcoming iPhone 6 flagship will feature a bigger display, improved 4G capabilities and even wireless charging. 

According to a report by Venture Beat, Apple has been working on including a better 4G antenna, near field communication (NFC) capabilities and wireless charging. Analysts believe the flagship can also be considered a test product or test child for the company. If it can reconcile features like network performance, durability and speed then it can be well on its way to the leading post again. 

As announced in the Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple's upcoming devices will feature the iOS 8. According to The REM, Apple decided to pull out the NFC radio and similar functions in the previous models of the iPhone because the technology was still not as ripe. Apple's mobile system during the release of the iPhone 5 series was not as mature as well. This will only lead incompatibility and more user problems. 

Fortunately, recent progress in the mobile payment technology has given Apple a green light to incorporate the NFC system. It may make its way to the iPhone if predictions of analysts were to be believed. It will work in the same way Android handsets work with Google Wallet. 

The upcoming iPhone 6 will also feature a better and faster connection via Category 6 LTE radio. The new LTE connection can provide up to 300 mbps. This is a huge leap from the 150mbps in the iPhone 5 series. The upcoming iPhone 6 shell will feature surface sensors connected to inductive charging surface allowing energy transfer. Apple has also cleared patents for sapphire and liquidmetal than can support the system.

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