Apple iPhone 6 Release Date Update: 6 Most Wanted Feature Upgrades for Next iPhone

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iPhone 6
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Apple is rumoured anew to likely delay its iPhone 6 release date plans, opting for a grand rollout on October 14 2014 or short of a month after the device is reportedly unveiled on September 16.

There was no solid explanation given for the change of plan, according to MacRumors, save for the vague hint that Apple is looking to October as a busy month. The 2014 iPhone refresh is previously pegged in September.

Now apart from the shifting schedule for the iPhone 6 debut, one aspect of the narrative that also gets the attention of Apple fans are the likely feature upgrades the device is packed with - six of which are offered below:

Jumbo front screen

Even minus the confirmation from Apple, the iOS sphere is convinced that the next iPhone will boast of upsized screen profiles - a 4.7-inch and a 5.5-inch. The tech giant has no choice but to follow the lead of Android smartphones.

The latest market indicator - that by the end of 2014 a third of smartphones in circulation are bestowed with front panels no lower than 5-inch - should prod the tech giant to finally think big with the iPhone 6.

More app management control for users

Apple's iOS is a tight platform that reflects the company's full control on how the software behaves on devices like the iPhones and iPads. Millions of users, however, do not like the idea of Apple 'performing' everything for them, hence the popularity of jailbreaking tools.

Short of unlocking the iPhone 6, users would surely love to take considerable control of iOS 8 for them to at least enjoy some form of personalization such as determining what default apps to use for regular tasks.

Siri reboot

Siri took the stage first but Google and Microsoft quickly deployed challengers and experts are in agreement that Google Now and Cortana are now way ahead of the iPhone digital helper. According to Business Insider, for Siri to stay relevant the service needs to go beyond a boring reminder.

Perhaps an overhaul, which anyway the iPhone 6 is touted to be, will make Siri interesting again.

Real widgets

One reason Android is long the envy of iOS users is widget or the loads of it. Widgets make for an interesting and interactive device screen that to date Apple has shied away from. The function was partially introduced with the iPhone 5S but fell short of expectation, no thanks to many limitations.

iMessage tweaks

First on the long list of clamour for iMessage improvements is stability - no more crashes and dispatches gone haywire. Portability will be appreciated too that will make it easier for users to transfer into another system and back when need be.

More battery juice

A weak battery will make a smartphone not too smart and for many power iPhone users that seems to be the case. Thankfully the iPhone 6 promises to be different - the energy juice will flow longer than before with the tandem of a higher battery rating and the power-efficient A8 processor.

It is said that the next iPhone battery kit is not a significant bump up from the iPhone 5S as Apple would want to keep the device slim and lightweight. But with iOS 8 part of the deal, the prospect of extended operating hours for the iPhone 6, despite the hardware limits, appears to be gaining traction.

Going by the latest development, the iPhone 6 release date can be expected between mid-September and anytime in October 2014 though it is likely exclusive for the 4.7-inch model as the 5.5-inch edition would come at a later time.

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