Apple iPhone 6 Release Date and Features Roundup: iPhone 6 Can Detect Weather and More

By @peevesky on

Apple's iPhone 6 has been in the spotlight especially after reports indicated it will feature an all-new sapphire display. Whereas the market remains convinced about the iPhone 6 debuting with an impressive screen, it appears Apple wants to take the phone's designs and features further. According to recent analyst's prediction and patent, Apple's next flagship phone may be able to tell weather and manage power or battery life better. What can people expect? 

According to G for Games, the upcoming iPhone 6 may be a user's next best weather forecaster. Unlike previous iPhone models, the upcoming iPhone system will not rely on third party applications to provide weather reports. Rather, the function or capability will be included in the device's system. 

According to Sun Chang Xu, news chief analyst at ESM-China, reported about Apple sources suggesting that the company will be focusing on more sensors. The tech giant has been investing on putting more sensors in its devices for added functionality and improved overall performance. Apple plans on including humidity, temperature and pressure sensors on its next device. 

While the analyst did not clarify what type of pressure sensors, it is highly unlikely it will be about body pressure. Apple will most likely include that feature in its upcoming iWatch. The latest sensors to be added on the iPhone will bring Apple closer to what Samsung did to the Samsung Galaxy S4.The S4 unit features atmospheric sensors. 

Likewise, according to a report from Apple Insider, the tech giant also plans on extending the battery life of its iPhone devices. Apple will be introducing a new power management system that can analyze the habits of users. The system will tweak the device's configurations to address the user's needs better - if possible extending battery life or shutting applications to conserve energy based on the user's preferences. 

A more responsive iPhone will give Apple an edge over other competitors as this is a new area to explore, according to analysts. The company has not made any announcements about the iPhone 6. Previous reports and leaks point to an August or September release.

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