Apple on iPhone 6 Release Date Confirmed to Offer $100 Premium, iPad Air 2 Assembly Starts

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Apple CEO Tim Cook Departs The Stage Following His Keynote Address
Apple CEO Tim Cook departs the stage following his keynote address at the Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco, California, June 2, 2014. Reuters

Apple's premium products always come with a price. The iPhone 6 series will not be an exemption. The iPhone 6 phablet along with standard premium features associated with Apple's items will come with a higher price tag. Apple will reportedly by placing a $100 premium on the product but the market remains undeterred. The 5.5-inch iPhone 6 continues to gather positive predictions as the release date approaches. Along with the production of the iPhone 6 variants, the tech giant has also started iPad Air 2 assembly. 

Tavis McCourt analyst Raymond James says that while price remains a major deciding factor among consumers, Apple's upcoming flagship does not seem affected. In fact, James' research note says that there are a growing number of iPhone users keen on putting the extra dollars to get the larger iPhone. 

"Apple will likely charge a $100 premium for the 5.5 inch version that media reports have suggested will be available a few months after the 4.7 inch version," James said in his research note. 

"Our June consumer survey points to continued growth in the willingness of iPhone users to pay $100 more for a bigger screened iPhone, with now a full one-third of survey respondents willing to pay a $100 premium," he added.

"Data seems to suggest meaningful demand for a larger screen, which should logically mean the iPhone 6-cycle will be strong for upgrade sales, which combined with modest contribution from wearables should cause a modest acceleration in revenue growth in fiscal 2015." 

According to 9to5Mac and Forbes, production of the iPad Air 2 appears to have started noting parts suppliers in preparation stage for the process. Likewise, the iPad Air 2 will reportedly come with a new A8 processor and CPU. The iPad Air 2 release can also mark the introduction of an iPad Pro variant with Retina technology. According to Forbes, people can expect Apple to offer the first iPad Air as a cheaper alternative sticking to a simialr approach as with the iPad Mini. 

Supply chain sources related to GT Advanced Technologies have also noted that the company amassed enough sapphire material to start the production of the iPhone 6.

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